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Intranet Focus Ltd provides a unique range of information management consulting services. The company was established in 1999 since when we have carried out projects in the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and the Middle East. Over the last few years much of our work has been in the pharmaceutical and professional services sectors.

Effective information management for 2020 and beyond

We specialize in solving information management problems and can bring twenty years of experience and expertise to helping your organisation survive the current crisis and in due course thrive. Distributed working is difficult enough on a small scale. When organisations have to distribute most of their employees managing their access to information and knowledge becomes business-critical. There are two requirements from employees in these situations.

We are well used to working virtually. As just one example, a couple of years ago we developed an enterprise search strategy for a US-based high technology organisation over a three month period working completely from our office just south of Gatwick Airport in the UK.

How can we find the information and expertise we need?

Employees are facing novel problems. It is not just business as usual from a home location. There may be a requirement to find information that has long been forgotten by the employee but now it is important to find it.

We can support your search team in enhancing the performance of your search applications. We have twenty years of experience in doing so for a wide range of multi-national organisations and we can work with any technology. Our SearchCheck assessment can give you a prioritised roadmap for development on the basis of a two-hour conference call with your search team. 

The people with the expertise may not be immediately available as a result of illness or location. Search applications can be of some assistance but a more powerful approach is to develop a taxonomy of problems, a technique that dates back to the early 1980s but which could have an immediate benefit in knowledge sharing.

We can bring our expertise to the service of your employees to develop taxonomies of knowledge and apply them with immediate effect in your organisation, providing advice on the policies in place that need to be introduced to ensure effective knowledge sharing

How can we trust the information we find?

Ideally organisations should have an information management strategy that is focused on information quality and usability. If you have such a strategy now is the time to mandate its use. If you don’t then there are a range of ways in which employees can assess the quality of information they find

We can support the creation of information management policies and strategies that can help solve short term issues and ensure that information being created over the next few months is managed in the most effective way possible so that the risks to the organisation from using poor quality information are significantly reduced.

Two decades

We have been working on search and intranet projects since the late 1990s, with Intranet Focus Ltd being established in 1999. Over the last two decades we have undertaken over 100 projects in the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. We undertake no projects for vendors so that we can provide advice that is independent of any vendor relationship

Global network

We are based in the UK but have long-established relationships with consultancies in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and the USA.

The client-consultant partnership

We work hard to build effective client-consultant partnerships.  Our experience forms the basis of our book entitled Managing Expectations.

Managing enterprise information

In a report published in July 2020 we have set out 50 recommendations on how to achieve good practice in information management, none of which require any additional technology investment to implement.

Book: Intranet Managment Handbook

The first book to offer practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years.

Book: Enterprise Search

2nd Edition: Is your organization rapidly accumulating more information than you know how to manage? This book helps you create an enterprise search solution based on more than just technology.

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