Information Charter

Although most of our work is related to intranets, inevitably this involves us in offering advice on information management. The concept of information management is not easy to define. From our work over the last decade we have developed an Information Charter, as a commitment by an organisation to their employees about access to information.

Our commitment to all our employees is that they can

1. Find the internal and external information they need to make effective business decisions that reduce corporate risk, enhance the achievement of strategic and operational objectives and enable them to develop their careers

2. Trust that information they find to be the best and most current available

3. Publish information so that it can be used by other employees both as quickly as is appropriate.

4. Locate and take advantage of the expertise and experience of other employees

5. Link to internal and external social and business networks

6. Be confident that the roles and responsibilities of their manager include ensuring that their information requirements are recognised and addressed appropriately

7. Be assured that the organisation complies with all legal and regulatory requirements for the retention, use and transmission of information

8. Take advantage of training in how to be effective users and managers of information resources

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