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I am an information scientist with a special interest in enterprise search. Almost every intranet project I have undertaken since founding Intranet Focus Ltd in 1999 has involved enhancing the performance of the search application. Over the last ten years I have also undertaken a wide range of projects where the primary objective has been to either enhance or replace an enterprise search application. These projects have been in Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Most of these have been for multi-national business in the engineering, pharmaceutical and law sectors, and for a number of NGOs.

I have been a Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield, since 2002, specialising in information retrieval and search. In 2015 the Second Edition of my book Enterprise Search was published by O’Reilly Media.

In 2017 I set up The Search Network as a global network of consultants working across all aspects of search optimization. All the members of the Network work on a vendor-independent basis. The Search Network has published four reports which can be downloaded free-of-charge and with no need to register. They are Search Insights 2018 Achieving Enterprise Search SatisfactionSearch Insights 2019 and Search Insights 2020

SearchCheck – planning for search success

In my consulting engagements I have often found that the search team in the organisation does not have a good appreciation of what the possibilities are to improve search applications. I have now released SearchCheck as a planning tool to support the development of a prioritized roadmap for intranet and enterprise search development. SearchCheck is platform independent and is relevant to all search applications, including open source and Microsoft O365.

The objective is to define the extent of the gap between the current situation and what the business and its employees expect search to deliver over the next 12 months using a set of heuristic statements (CheckPoints) as a basis for the scoring. The two scores for each CheckPoint will be somewhere between 5 (best practice has been achieved) and 0 (no action is being taken)

The outcome is a gap analysis and capability assessment that the search team can use to prioritise actions during the course of the 12-month period and also to report on progress to search stakeholders.

An Executive Report is delivered that makes recommendations on how best to implement the agreed actions.

The fixed fee includes a follow-up meeting in six months to review progress and take account of changes in requirements. The launch fee is discounted to £4000 (no VAT). Ideally the scoring meeting should take place on-site but a video conference version of the methodology is also available. In the UK travel costs are included in the fee. The fee for the rest of Europe and for the USA and Canada will be based on the current exchange rate. Travel costs will be charged for on-site meetings outside of the UK.

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