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Enterprise search consulting services

Many of the projects I undertake are now concerned with the specification, selection and management of enterprise search applications. My interest in this sector dates back to working with a team from Unilever Computer Services in 1980-1981 on the development of the DECO enterprise search application.

I have written several books on enterprise search implementation, the most recent being the 2nd edition of Enterprise Search, published by O’Reilly Media in 2015.

Some the search projects I have undertaken in 2016/17 have been

  • Advising on the implementation of a federated search application for a global law firm
  • Undertaking an analysis of text mining technology and its applications
  • Conducting a formative assessment of the website search for a global professional services firm
  • Assessing the performance of the search application on a global intranet
  • Reviewing a search development road map for a multi-national pharmaceutical company
  • Preparing an analysis of good practice in enterprise search governance
  • Developing a search evaluation methodology as a research project at the Information School, University of Sheffield.

The Search Migration Assessment service is designed to assess the level of readiness of organisations to begin to consider the benefits, risks and trade-offs between enterprise search applications when there is requirement to migrate to a new application. The service is based around the 50 elements of an enterprise search strategy that are covered in my book on Enterprise Search.

The objective is to identify areas where attention will need to be paid by the organisation before entering negotiations with prospective vendors. By being fully prepared the time required for selection process can be reduced and it will be much easier to identify the optimum solution. We aim to have our report available within 10 working days of the initial round of on-site interviews. The work is undertaken at a fee of €12,000 plus VAT.

I also offer a Search Check service. This is a free 60 minute check of a search application that will provide you with an immediate indication of the extent to which your search application is aligned with good practice. All you have to pay is the travel costs.

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