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Some the search projects I have undertaken in 2017/18 have been

  • Advising on the implementation of a federated search application for a global law firm
  • Conducting a formative assessment of the website search for a global professional services firm
  • Assessing the performance of the search application on a global intranet
  • Reviewing a search development road map for a multi-national pharmaceutical company
  • Developing a search strategy for a high-tech research institute in the USA

Based on the experience gained over almost 20 years of enterprise search projects I offer a Search Strategy Assessment service to  establish the level of readiness of an organisation to enhance or replace a search application. The service is based around the 50 elements of an enterprise search strategy that are covered in my book on Enterprise Search The objective is to identify areas where the organisation needs to collect information or reach a decision before starting to consider potential vendors to invite to respond to the RFI. I can deliver a within 10 working days of the initial round of on-site interviews. The work is undertaken at a fixed fee of €9000 plus VAT and travel costs.

Achieving Enterprise Search Satisfaction

A substantial amount of  research has been published over the last two year that sheds new light on enterprise search behaviours. In   Achieving enterprise search satisfaction, a 40 page report released in October 2018, I have integrated this research with my own experience to suggest ways in which search managers can substantially improve search satisfaction. A critical factor is seeing search as just one way in which people find information. By understanding why people use search the search experience can be optimised to meet their requirements without any need to use AI or machine learning. One of the case studies shows how a dramatic increase in search use was achieved by placing an A4 guidance note along side the coffee machines!

Search Solutions Martin White Presentation 27 Nov 2018

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