Information Policies

When it comes to the development of information policies there is no better source book than Practical Information Policies by Elizabeth Orna. Sadly this book now seems to be out of print. In the Introduction the author sets out what an organisational information policy should include at a general level.

  • The objectives of information use and the priorities around them
  • What ‘information’ means in the context of what the organisation is in business for
  • The principles on which it will manage information
  • Principals for the use of human resources in managing information
  • Principles for the use of technology to support information management
  • The principles it will apply in relation to establishing the cost-effectiveness of information and knowledge

Elizabeth Orna then goes on to define an information strategy as the detailed expression of information policy in terms of objectives, targets and actions to achieve them for a defined period ahead. In 2008 Elizabeth Orna wrote a fascinating paper on the  History of information policy development at national and organisational levels. This paper highlights the fact that information policies have a wider role than as an element of managing organisational information assets and processes. This point is well made in the Wikipedia entry on information policies.  Following the footsteps of Elizabeth Orna is Ian Cornelius, whose book on Information Policies and Strategies was published in 2010.

See also Information Charter, Information Governance, Information Management, Information Sharing

Martin White

October 2016

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