Intranet Consulting Services

Over the last two decades we have worked on over 100 intranet projects in Europe, North America and the Gulf States. Most of these projects have focused on the development of an intranet strategy, with may of them leading to writing the specification for a content management application and working with the project team on the selection and implementation.

Over the last ten years my work has diversified considerably into enterprise search, collaboration and digital workplace projects.

Some the intranet projects I have undertaken in 2017/19 have been

  • Developing a strategy for a multi-lingual multi-divisional intranet of a global pharmaceutical company
  • Developing a digital workplace strategy for a high-technology manufacturing company, and from that work supporting the selection of an intranet portal application
  • Undertaking a research project on emerging requirements for collaboration to support the integration of subsidiary companies into an integrated global organization
  • Assessing the current status and future requirements for an intranet in a global law firm
  • Advising a UK charity on options for changing the content management platform for its intranet

I authored The Intranet Management Handbook, published by Facet Publishing in 2011. This remains the only commercially-published book on intranet management.

In 2017 I wrote Managing Expectations- Building Client-Consultant Partnerships, with a particular focus on intranet project management.

Many of the posts in the Intranet Focus blog comment on intranet, collaboration and digital workplace developments

I have written a history of intranets from the early 1960s to 2017

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