Course topics

An indication of the scope of the topics covered in the course is shown below. There is scope for a limited degree of customization to meet specific training requirements of an organisation. At the end of each topic there will be a summary of the outcomes and implications for search optimization

Session 1 

Achieving search satisfaction

Introduction to the course
Search satisfaction – the definitive objective
Why enterprise search is different and difficult
Information behaviours
Four core use cases
The eight-step programme for search satisfaction

Search technology

How enterprise search works
Content processing
Security management
Query management
AI and machine learning

Information findability

Making information findable
The value of metadata and corporate taxonomies
Managing search in multiple languages
Managing PDF files
Managing PPT files
Managing Excel files
Managing video and image files

Searching for people and expertise

Why people search is so important
Thirteen challenges in name searching
Managing personal profiles and GDPR implications
Finding an expert
Finding expertise

Session 2

User interface management

The core elements of a search UI
Optimising search results scanning
Best bets and promoted content
Filters and facets
Federated search UI
Usability testing

Search metrics

The long tail and its implications
Analysing query click logs
Impact of security trimming
Metrics for technology optimization
Metrics for search satisfaction
Metrics for stakeholder reporting

Managing a search team

Roles and responsibilities
The benefits of a Search Center of Excellence
Power users and mentors
Recruiting team members
User training and mentoring

Business cases for investment

Boost, build or buy?
Defining business requirements
Defining stakeholder requirements
“ROI” and “Time spent searching”
Task-based business cases
Integration with information and knowledge management
A 50-item documentation checklist
Presenting the business case – getting the message across

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