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This is a list of books and reports available on intranet design and management. Books specifically about collaboration are not included. The list on this page was checked and updated in September 2016. Reviews of new books and reports can be found in the intranet category of the Intranet Focus blog.

Crafting an Intranet. The Art and Practice of Creating a Successful Corporate Portal  Robert Boque (Kindle)

Creating Intranet Content: A Guide for Everyone   Clearbox Consulting

Designing Intranets James Robertson for Step Two Designs

Digital Success or Digital Disaster  Mark Morell

Digital Workplace Trends Report  Jane McConnell for NetStrategy/JMC

Essential Intranets  James Robertson for Step Two Designs

Herausforderung Intranet   Stefanie Meyer, Daniel Lutolf and Stephan Schillerwein (In German)

Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond   Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville and Jorge Arango

Intranet Analytics Report Clearbox Consulting

Intranet Design Annual Nielsen Norman Group

Intranet Information Architecture Design Methods and Case Studies  Nielsen Norman Group

Intranet Innovation Awards Step Two Designs

Intranet Management Handbook Martin White

Intranet Portals  Nielsen Norman Group

Intranet Portals: Workforce Technology Adoption 2011  Tim Walters for the Forrester Group

Intranet Themen und Trends 2015 Thorsten Riemke-Gurzki (In German)

Intranet Usability Guidelines  Nielsen Norman Group

Introduction to Information Behaviour Nigel Ford

Manager’s Guidebook on Intranet Design Projects   Pebble Road

Mettre en place et piloter un intranet avec SharePoint Jean Francois Fustec (In French)

Organizing Digital Information for Others  Pebble Road

Penser autrement l’intranet, la digitalisation et les réseaux sociaux d’entreprise Christophe Coupez (In French)

SharePoint Intranets-In-A Box Report Clearbox Consulting

Web Content Management  Deane Barker

Website Product Management  David Hobbs

Website Migration Handbook  David Hobbs

Why Intranets Fail, and How to Fix Them Luke Treddinick

Axero   Axero
Clearbox Sam Marshall
Column Two James Robertson
Content Formula
Currents Michael Sampson
Digital Workplace Group
Ellen’s Digital Workplace  Ellen Van Aken
Igloo  Igloo Software
InfoArch Samuel Driessen
Interact Intranet  Interact Intranet
Intranet Connections Carolyn Douglas
Intranet Diary   Luke Oatham
Intranet Directions  Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall
Intranet Pioneer Mark Morrell
JBoye Janus Boye
Kilobox Communique Wedge Black
Mobile Enterprise Strategies Kevin Benedict
NetJMC Jane McConnell
Noodle Vialect
Real Story Group
Sorce Sorce
Thoughtfarmer (The Social Intranet Blog)
Tieto Future Office
UseIt  Jakob Nielsen

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