CMSWire columns

I was the author of a monthly column on enterprise search for CMSWire from 2011 to 2021. Below the columns published from 2018 the end of 2021 are categorized under

  • Business impact

  • Search Technology

  • User experience

  • Vendor relationships

Business impact

Making a Business Case for Enterprise Search

Distributed Information Management: The Oxygen of Your Organization

Empowering Teams With Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search Is More About Vision Than Technology

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Implications for Enterprise Search

The Risks and Consequences of Information Mismanagement

What Do We Mean By ‘Search’?

Where Have All the Experts Gone? The Hunt for Corporate Expertise

Search technology  

Managing Enterprise Search Security

AI and Enterprise Search: Who’s in Control?

How Well Do You Understand Your Content Processing Pipeline?

Relevance Engineer: A New Profession in Search of Candidates

Searching for a Content Integration Technology?

Searching for Information in the Tower of Babel

When Personalized Enterprise Search Results Are Hidden in a Black Box

Why Should You Care About Enterprise Search Research?

User experience                  

(I Can’t Get No) Search Satisfaction

Asking the Right Questions: Query Expansion in Enterprise Search

Assess Search Performance With Search Tasks

Delving Into Enterprise Search Query Logs

Enterprise Search Development: Start With the User Interface

Federated Search: Great in Theory, Complicated in Practice

How Satisfied Are Your Employees With Search?

Naming of Parts: What Taxonomies Bring to Enterprise Search     

Scanning and Selecting Enterprise Search Results: Not as Easy as It Looks

Search Won’t Improve Until We Understand Why People Search, Not Just How

The Clue to Your Digital Workplace Problems Lies in Your Employees’ Work-Arounds

The Scent of a Good Search

Unpacking the Complexities of Enterprise Search Behavior

We Need to Build Accessibility Into Our Digital Workplaces

When Improving Search Performance, Don’t Follow the Clicks

Why Enterprise Search Should Be Like Your Favorite Restaurant

Vendor relationships                     

Buying an Enterprise Search Solution? Don’t Forget an Integration Partner

Can Enterprise Search Be Reduced to Two Dimensions?

Can You Talk to Your Search Vendor?

How Much Does Enterprise Search Cost?

Optimizing Office 365 Search Is a Guessing Game

Reading Between the Lines of Enterprise Search

The Rise and Fall of Microsoft Search

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