Enterprise search reports

Intranet Focus Ltd has published a number of reports on various aspects of enterprise search, intranet and information management. All can be downloaded free of charge and without the need to register on our site.


Time spent searching – a chronology of the myth and some recent research June 2020

In 2001 IDC published a briefing paper that used an estimate that the time spent searching by a knowledge worker was 2.5 hours a day. This report reviews research undertaken since 2002 that indicates that this is not a reliable number.  


A History of Enterprise Search 1948 – 2020 May 2020

This narrative chronology is a personal view of the key developments in the development of enterprise search technology and the enterprise search business since the initial proof of concept in 1951.  


Achieving Enterprise Search Satisfaction October 2018

Research published in the last couple of years indicates that the way in which employees search is quite different to the use of web search applications. An eight-element search satisfaction model is presented. 


Making search work April 2017

This report shows that the critical success factor in achieving high levels of search satisfaction is the scale of the investment in a search support team and not the technology investment.

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