Information Plus

There are many aspects of information science and information management which are likely to be of value to intranet managers and to digital workplace managers. They include an understanding of information behaviours, information cultures, information governance, information quality and information risk. I see these as ‘information plus’ topics and to a substantial extent the list of topics below defines what I regard as information science. In my experience it is not easy to find out more about these topics. Many have emerged from academic research (information literacy for example) and others (such as information scaffolding and information risk) from related disciplines. Over the years I have collected around 4000 research papers and reports and acquired almost 150 books to try to keep aware of trends in research and implementation good practice.

This section of the Intranet Focus website provides introductions to a range of these topics, with an emphasis on highlighting sources that will act as an introduction to a topic for people who may not be familiar with them. The entries are very much my personal selection and do not in any way represent a definitive bibliography. The scope of many of these topics overlaps with several others, and so See Also links have been provided for most topics.

Although there are references to research papers I have tried only to include research that is open access. There are some references to research papers in journals that are only available through a subscription but these are only where I regard these papers are definitive in terms of scope and quality. Some of the links will download documents but none are to large files. With only a few exceptions each resource has only been listed once. Please note that Intranet Focus Ltd cannot provide copies of any of the documents referred to in the sections. Another good introduction to the practical implications of information science and management is Information Services Today, edited by Sandra Hirsh, which is written primarily for students on information management courses. The book takes a US perspective on these topics, which complements what might be regarded as a UK-perspective of the selection of resources listed on this site. The topic pages will be updated as important new resources become available, and there are a number of topics (such as information security) which are in preparation.

The initial set of 23 topics is listed below

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