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The intranet product business is not a new one, with Orchid Software probably being the first to market an intranet product in 1995. There is currently a very wide range of intranet products, which are broadly defined as being an “intranet-out-of-a-box”. Many of these are based on SharePoint 2013 or Office 365.

For some years I published a list of intranet software vendors but now that ClearBox Consulting have created a very comprehensive list of vendors offering both intranets and other employee apps it is time to link to the ClearBox list and discontinue my listing. I have been invited by ClearBox to help ensure that its list is as comprehensive as possible. The list includes both SharePoint and independent products.

Clearbox Consulting Intranet and Employee App Directory

The current (2019) edition of the ClearBox Consulting  SharePoint Intranets In A Box lists 54 intranet products, with 31 of these being reviewed in depth. The report is updated on a quarterly basis and Version 5.1 of the report was released in February 2020.

Choosing which product best meets your requirements is a challenge that should not be underestimated as it may be difficult to work through the trade-offs between the differences in functionality between the products. The product comparison summary in the ClearBox report highlights the variations between SharePoint intranet products and there is an even wider variation in the independent platform sector, especially when it comes to search functionality.

This is not a new problem. In 2005 I wrote The Content Management Handbook, in which I worked through all the selection and implementation issues. This book is now out of print but in  March 2017 I published a report entitled Intranet Product Selection which I had co-authored with Martin Tate. The report can be downloaded at no charge. Martin Tate has also written Off The Shelf IT Solutions , a very comprehensive guide to good practice in specifying, selecting and implementing IT products which is very relevant to intranet CMS products.

Currently there are no books that specifically cover intranet product selection. Web Content Management by Deane Barker (published in March 2016) is an excellent guide to web content management technology but does not specifically cover intranet functionality.

Both ClearBox Consulting and Intranet Focus have considerable experience in advising clients on the selection, procurement and implementation issues.

Martin White

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