Intranet Reports

Intranet Focus Ltd has published a number of reports on various aspects of enterprise search, intranet and information management. All can be downloaded free of charge and without the need to register on our site.


Managing Enterprise Information July 2020

After an introduction about the value of information and about the need to assess information risk there are sections on governance, information behaviours, working in teams, information discovery, knowledge management and records management.

Working Together May 2017

The report suggests that improvements in how meetings are organised will have a significant impact on collaboration success. The report includes an outline of a collaboration strategy.


A History of Intranets May 2017

This report sets out the history of the development of the concept of an intranet from the mid-1960s until the present day.

Intranet Product Selection March 2017

This 14 page report is co-authored with Martin Tate, Decision Evaluation Ltd. and sets out good practice in the specification and selection of an intranet product.


Intranet Metrics – Discovery, Satisfaction and Impact July 2015

The 25 page report covers technical performance, discovery performance, user satisfaction and business impact, and describes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

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