Research Notes

In 2017 Intranet Focus Ltd will be publishing reports on various aspects of enterprise search, intranet and information management

Intranet Product Selection March 2017

On the Intranet Focus website there is a list over 60 intranet products, based either on a Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 platform or built using open source or proprietary software. This 14 page report is co-authored with Martin Tate, Decision Evaluation Ltd. and sets out good practice in the specification and selection of an intranet product. The report also considers some of the contract terms that should be considered at an early stage of the project as these can have a significant bearing on the choice of intranet product.

Forthcoming reports

Making Search Work – the importance of establishing a search support team

Working Together – how to enhance collaboration

A history of intranets – starting in 1965 and ending in 2016



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