The Small Print

Course duration

There are eight topics given in two sessions, each lasting 3hrs 30mins. A possible schedule would be to start at 09.00 and finish the morning session at 12.30. The afternoon session could start at 13.30 and run until 17.00. Another option would be to run the course over two days, perhaps in two afternoon sessions in Europe so that team members in North America could participate. The fee remains the same but there could be additional travel-related expenses. The video option may need to be spread over several days.


Preparatory work

Leading up to the course participants would be asked to undertake a Search Stress Test so that there was a common level of understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the current search applications. The outcomes of this Test can be used to track the progress of search development after the conclusion of the course. 

On-site arrangements

The meeting room should be equipped with a PC and a good quality projector and screen. The PC should have access to the Internet, and also to the search applications so that participants are able to demonstrate features of the current search applications. If some participants are joining via a video link it would be helpful for them to be displayed on a second screen. A back-up PC and projector would be desirable.

Video training

The course of lectures can be delivered over a video link provided by the organisation and with no on-site participants. This would require splitting the lectures into three sessions over three days.

Slide documentation

The file of the slides would be forwarded at least three working days before the start of the course so that participants can have a printed version of the slides available on which to make notes.

Certificate of Attendance

Each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the course which will set out the topics they attended.


After the course participants will receive an e-Workbook containing reports and links to research and other resources.  This will be customized to cover topics that emerged during the course as being of particular importance to the organisation.  

Continuing support

From my experience with workshops  it may not be until some time after a  course that participants realize that they need clarification or additional information on some of the topics. For this reason participants can ask for clarifications for a period of 30 days after the conclusion of the course.

Fee and payment terms

There is a fixed fee of £1600/€1900 for the on-site course together with agreed travel expenses.  This is to encourage the organisation to offer the course to as many people as possible who could benefit from attending either the complete course or for some specific topics. No VAT will be charged. Travel expenses will be agreed in advance of the course.

The course date will be confirmed on receipt of a purchase order for the fee and travel expenses. The invoice will be raised on the day following the conclusion of the course, and payment within 30 days is requested. No other payment term can be accepted.

The fee for video-only delivery will depend on the duration and timing of the course.

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