This table lists almost 70 enterprise search software vendors. It is certainly not a complete list but hopefully will be a starting point in the development of a list of potential vendors for a project. The ‘Europe’ column indicates if, based on the vendor web site, the vendor has an office location in Europe.

It was last updated in June 2022 and will be reviewed in December 2022

No warranty, explicit or implied, is given as to the quality of the products listed. Search software should always be selected on the basis of a detailed profile of user requirements, not just a list of functional requirements.

A list of text mining and text analysis vendors is maintained by KD Nuggets

A list of over 100 e-Discovery vendors is maintained by Rob Robinson of Complex Discovery



Company HQ Europe URL
Algolia USA Yes
Amazon USA Yes
Ankiro Denmark Yes   
Appbase USA No
Aras USA Yes
Ayfie Norway Yes
BAInsight USA Yes 
Bloomreach USA Yes
Cludo Denmark Yes
Cognite Norway Yes
Coveo Canada Yes  
Curiosity Germany Yes
Datafari France Yes
Dokoni Find USA Yes
Elastic Netherlands Yes
Exalead France Yes Italy Yes
Findwise Sweden Yes     
Funnelback Australia Yes\
Google Cloud Search USA Yes
Hitachi USA Yes
Hulbee Switzerland Yes
Hyland USA Yes
IBM Watson USA Yes


Ilves Finland Yes
iManage UK Yes
Inbenta Spain Yes
Indica Netherlands Yes
Infongen USA Yes
Intergator Germany Yes
IntraFind Germany Yes   
Knowlia Belgium Yes
Lucy USA No
Lucidworks USA Yes
Microfocus UK Yes
Microsoft Azure USA Yes
Microsoft SharePoint USA Yes
Mindbreeze Austria Yes  
Nalytics UK Yes
Nuclia UK No
OpenText Canada Yes
Pinecone USA No
Precognox Hungary Yes
Raffle Denmark Yes
Rocket USA Yes
Sinequa France Yes
Squirro Switzerland Yes
Swiftype USA Yes
Theum Germany Yes
Yext USA Yes
Bonsai USA No
Copernic Canada No
DieselPoint USA No
dTSearch USA No
Fess USA No
Klera USA No
Netowl USA No
Onna USA No
ResoluteAI USA No
Searchblox USA No
Searchunify USA No
TeraText Australia No
Thunderstone USA No
Voyager USA No
Zakta USA No


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