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Founded in 1999 Intranet Focus Ltd provided a wide range of information management consulting services, undertaking  projects in the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and the Middle East. From around 2011 most of these projects were focused on enterprise search selection and enhancement.

In December 2022 we took the decision to close down Intranet Focus Ltd. but will still be trading as Intranet Focus when undertaking intranet consulting projects.  From 1 January 2023 this web site will no longer be updated.

The content related to enterprise search has been migrated to

The main feature of this web site is a blog that will cover developments in the delivery of enterprise search applications and also comment on research papers on information retrieval, search and the evolution of AI/ML applications.

Martin White, Principal Analyst, SearchResearch Online




Book: Intranet Managment Handbook

The first book to offer practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years.

Book: Enterprise Search

2nd Edition: Is your organization rapidly accumulating more information than you know how to manage? This book helps you create an enterprise search solution based on more than just technology.

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