Code of Practice

Intranet Focus Ltd – Code of Practice for project management

This is a Code of Practice framework we present to clients as the basis for an agreement on terms and conditions for a specific assignment.

We manage projects using appropriate elements of the PRINCE2 project methodology. These would typically include

Establishing a project management team with the client, and agreeing the responsibilities and relationships of both Intranet Focus Ltd. and the client.
Setting out an overall plan of work that can be reviewed on a regular basis to take account of the outcomes of individual Work Packages.
Regular reporting to the client on the process of each Work Package, identifying work completed, work to be accomplished and any issues that need to be resolved.
Establishing a risk register for the project
Establishing a communications plan so that all involved are aware of the objectives and progress of the project.
Each project assignment is set out as a series of Work Packages. No commitment is required from the client to commission any more than one Work Package at a time.

Each Work Package has defined objectives and deliverables.

Normally we would propose a fixed price for each Work Package. This would usually be based on the number of days needed to achieve the deliverable for each Work Package, but there may also be instances where we feel that the number of days of work does not enable us to reflect the expertise and experience we are bringing to the project. We do not therefore necessarily set out the number of days of work for each Work Package.

The main exception to our use of fixed price Work Packages is where interviews are to be conducted and at the commencement of the project the scale of the interview programme cannot be defined.

No fee is made for travel to and from client locations in the UK unless each journey represents more than half a working day. In these situations we would charge travel time at half of our proposed day rate. For work carried out for clients outside the UK travel policies are agreed at the outset of the project, adopting whatever the travel policy is of the client.

The consultants named in the project plan will not be changed without the written approval of the client.

It is our practice only to submit notes from interviews to a client if we have written permission of the interviewee. Comments made in a report which might be attributed to a specific employee would also only be included with their written permission.

We use a web-based collaboration application to support our project work

The invoice for the Work Package will not be submitted until the client is satisfied with the quality of the agreed deliverable. Invoices are submitted for payment on a net 30 days basis. Copyright of project deliverables is retained by Intranet Focus Ltd. until payment is received.

We ask clients not to pass on reports and other deliverables to third parties without informing us in advance.

We always work under a non-disclosure agreement, and can provide such an agreement if required.

At the completion of a project we request written permission to cite the organisation as being a client of Intranet Focus Ltd.

We are totally independent of any association with suppliers of software and IT services, nor do we review software products.

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