Executive Briefing

As you start to develop a business case for search investment there may well be colleagues who are not fully aware of the potential benefit of the investment and also may not have a good understanding of the technology of search.

I can give your organisation an Executive Briefing on enterprise search that highlights the benefits of effective search, outlines the challenges that will arise in the course of selecting and implementing a new search application and ends with a set of ten project success factors based on over twenty years of experience in enterprise and e-commerce search projects.

The Briefing is delivered as a PowerPoint slide deck with comments in the Notes section of each slide so that the presentation can also be used internally at a later date. The Briefing can be delivered virtually or in person.

Typically the presentation is 90 minutes long (with a mid-point break) and then a 30 minute question and answer period.

There is no fee for the delivery of an Executive Briefing and there is no obligation to use my services as a consultant. For an on-site presentation outside of the UK travel expenses will be charged.  

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