Project Planning

Enterprise and e-commerce applications typically have a service life of five years or even longer. There is therefore likely to be very limited experience in your organisation of managing a search procurement and implementation project.

An outline schematic of a search procurement project is shown below. In many respects it is similar to any other enterprise application, but there are some important differences that need to be taken into account.

In particular the design of the Proof of Concept/Due Diligence tests need to be carefully specified early in the course of the project so that they are a core element within the RFI and RFP documents. Another important issue is the need to plan the migration process including the requirement to train perhaps 70% of your employees who make regular use of the search application. At this scale search cannot be ‘intuitive’ and a lack of training has been shown to be a major cause of employee dissatisfaction with search applications.

My project experience enables me to forecast with a high degree of certainty the schedule for a search procurement project, the risks that you may face during the course of the project and an indication of the project budget.

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